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spanish revival home on ocean blvd long beach
This Spanish Revival home on Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach shows several characteristic of this architectural style:
   - White exterior walls
  - Smooth finished stucco
  - Arched Roman windows
  - Ornately carved doors
  - Flat and/or low-pitched roof
  - Red roof tiles
  - Iron work trim on windows and doors

Spanish Revival is a purely American architectural style drawing on Spanish, Moorish, Mission and Mexican architectural influences -- and mixing these diverse  elements in such a way that the whole is very pleasing.  George Smith of Santa Barbara was one of the originators of this architecture which was popular in the American Southwest in the 1920s and 1930s.

Two Long Beach neighborhoods are the home to hundreds of Spanish Revival houses: Belmont Shore and California Heights.  In the historic district of Cal Heights you will find single-story, single family homes on small lots built in the 1920s.  

spanish revival white exterior home long beach This one-story Spanish Revival home is a pared down version of the style with its arched front window, red tile roof and white exterior. The ornamentation is minimal. The Mission influence is revealed in the dark wood beams above the square front windows.

Belmont Shore and, to an extent, Belmont Heights, presents another view of Spanish Revival.  In these two neighborhoods there are many two-story  homes as well as apartment buildings in that style.    In fact. Spanish Revival apartment buildings can be found throughout the older neighborhoods of Long Beach, especially along Ocean Blvd. where there are also many Art Deco buildings.

spanish revival home gold exterior belmont heights Mustard gold paint and sage green awnings on the exterior of this two-story Spanish Revival home in Belmont Heights are strictly contemporary color choices.  Originally the home was painted white or off-white.


spanish revival with monterey influences The Monterey Colonial influence shows on this home with the cantilevered brown wood balcony on the second story of this Belmont Shore home.  The walls at the edge  of the property are rustic, in keeping with the Colonial influence.

The interiors of many Spanish Revival homes are all white with cove or tray ceilings; others had wood beam ceilings, sometimes elaborately painted.  The red tiles on the roofs may originally have been clay, but now are often a more durable concrete, stained red.

spanish revival tile stairs
Tiles were used on stairs, floors, fireplace surrounds, walls -- even on tables -- in Spanish Revival homes.  Many tiles came from local potteries, including the Malibu Pottery.   Other tiles came from Mexico.

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Paddleboarding near Belmont Shore California Heights Spanish Revival home Marina Pacifica condos
Paddleboarders on the Naples Canal next to Belmont Shore. California Heights is noted for its carefully preserved Spanish Revival homes. Tie up your boat right outside your door at the Marina Pacifica condos.


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